2022 Social Media Round Up

2022 has had a fair share of highs and lows. For social media marketers, it’s been a year of trying to keep up with social trends and maintain connections with clients. As we leave the year, Puddle is looking back at some of the trends that took social media by storm.


BeReal is an app that grabbed the attention of the globe this year. A fun way to keep tabs on your friends, BeReal was originally founded in 2020 and encouraged users to broadcast a more casual version of their online personas. It has become such a hit that other social media giants have followed suit, with TikTok recently adding “TikTok Now” which is nearly identical to BeReal’s concept. 

Pay Ways To Pay Creators

Social media influencers are not shy of opportunities to earn money, and 2022 added to those opportunities, providing features that allow creators to access funds easily. Tumblr, Youtube and Snapchat are all among those who created easy ways for influencers to access their ad revenues. 

Social media is the new search engine.

Twitter, Instagram and TikTok are not only ways to connect with friends or, in the case of marketers, clients, but they have now become search engines. Studies show that many students use social media sites to search for information, more so than Google. 

Twitter Is Dying

Puddle recently reported on the latest drama surrounding Twitter. The social media giant began implementing new tools to try and boost user engagement, likely due to a dip in use from tweeters. Although Elon Musk’s acquisition is supposedly a positive for Twitter, there are hints that Twitter is on its way out, yet Twitter argues its user engagement is still at an all-time high.

No Luck on an Instagram Replacement

Instagram is not keeping up with the times, and their constant attempt to launch new products and pivot to videos and reels is proof of their attempt to keep young people, or the TikTok generation, engaged. Young people may be keeping their Instagrams up and running, but ultimately, they are looking for replacements. These replacements include BeReal, Glass, Grainery, Tumblr, Linkedin and even Hive Social.