7 Tips for Good Customer Service

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As many of our team have recently successfully completed their WorldHost customer service course. We thought we’d sum up seven of the best tips that could work for you.

1. Confidence is key

When responding to any kind of feedback, it’s always important to be confident. This way the customer believes that you will be able to help with their problem.

It is also important that your staff have a good knowledge and understanding of your products or services, to give a confident response when customers ask them a question.

2. Careful listening

There’s nothing more frustrating than the feeling of not being listened to. When a customer gets in touch with a problem or complaint, it’s important to take the time to listen to them carefully and fully understand what their problem is.

Make sure to ask questions to make sure that you have understood, this way the customer will have the assurance that you can resolve the problem.

3. Avoid ‘why’ questions

A good tip when dealing with a difficult customer is to avoid using ‘why’ questions. This can sometimes sound like you are being nosy or rude. Use phrases like ‘would you be able to tell me what happened’ or ‘I need some additional information’ to sound less intrusive.

4. Respond in a timely manner

Responding to any kind of a customer query as soon as you can, can have many benefits. It demonstrates to the customer that you are keen to find a solution to the problem and you don’t want it to get worse by ignoring it.

Sometimes you may not have the answer to a customer’s question right away, but letting them know that you have seen/heard them means they know you’re working on finding the answer.

5. Smile

Smiling is an all-around great tip when talking to someone. This makes you more approachable and friendly, meaning customers would feel they could ask you questions.

Even when you are talking to customers over the phone, it’s important to smile because the customer can hear it in your tone of voice.

6. Consistency

Having good consistency throughout your whole business is a great way to provide good customer service. This includes how each member of staff answers the phone or having a strong defined online brand. This helps people to recognise your company to maintain customer loyalty.

Your brand is how your customer perceives you, so it’s important that you keep a good reputation to help people feel at ease when buying or using your products or services.

7. Go the extra mile

Finally, one of the best tips for good customer service is to go the extra mile. Your business should meet all your customer’s needs but could go that step further and meet their expectations. Whether that’s giving a customer a discount to resolve a problem or replying to an email out of office hours. It shows your customers that you value them and their repeat business.

Grow with us.