8 of the strongest words in Marketing


On our social media channels last month, we brought you the 8 strongest words in marketing.

Just in case you missed them, here is a quick recap below.

It is always about you as the client. The best way to write something is by using You instead of We. What you write is designed to be read by the customer to tailor their wants and needs.

A way to entice someone is to offer them something for free to try out. Giving things away for free can also be a way of giving back to your customers, and I’m sure they would love it!

This is an excellent opportunity to show the customer why they need you and why they should choose you over someone else!

Everyone loves to hear a secret. You get a better outcome through work that is different to your competitors, maybe with a secret tip or trick.

Good communication with clients means that everyone understands what needs to be done and what hasn’t. Resulting in nobody missing out on anything that could’ve been important.

Show clients that not only will you give them the best results, you will also give them results fast. Make them aware that you can solve any problem efficiently.

Any client would rather go from something complicated to something completed in as few steps as possible. However, not everything is always easy, and some things take more time than others.

Playing it safe is the easy way but not always the best way. Some of the biggest brands have found success by coming up with an out of the box idea, which is far from its usual style of advertising or branding. So be brave and be open to new ideas.