Adapt Halloween to your business

Smiling Pumpkins in Graveyard under Full Moon

Posting about recent and relevant trends is a great way to keep your website updated. So we’ve put together some great Halloween blog topics you can tailor to your business.

The only things scary about working in finance is actually having to check your finances, but two blog topics you could use are: 

Halloween On A Budget – Halloween can be an expensive time of the year, regardless of if you’ve got children or not. So why not talk about how people can DIY their own costumes rather than paying a fortune for brand new ones or even making Halloween your own decorations. 

Don’t be spooked by your finances this Halloween – There is a lot you can talk about with this topic, and it’s a great way to share 3 or 5 top tips to help people save money.

Health and Fitness
Although this year you won’t be getting any trick or treaters or going trick or treating with the little ones. These are still some great blog headlines you could use for health and fitness bloggers. 

Don’t let Halloween ruin your diet – We know how tempting it is to eat all the trick or treat sweets but why not put together a blog for your readers about how to enjoy the sweets and not let it get in the way of their health journey. Sweat for sweets!

Monster (s)mash your way through your workout –  Why not get creative and make a workout video to a Halloween song and share it on social media.

Pets and Animals
Keeping sweets away from pets – this is a really important thing to talk about, especially if you also have young kids who may not understand that pets can’t eat sweets. 

Fancy Dress comp – This one is a great way to have a bit of fun with Halloween this year. You can throw a competition online and give away a prize to the best dressed or more creative costume.

Scariest place to travel – Although we’re restricted to where we can travel at the moment, why not talk about some of the most ‘haunted’ or ‘scariest’ hotels around the world. 

Find the ghost in the picture – Take photos of your office or different locations in the country and hide a toy ghost in the picture asking your followers and readers to find it. Using an interactive post like this is a great way to increase your engagement. 

Don’t think we forgot about retailers, bars and restaurants. Here are some great ways to market Halloween this year.

Spooky signage and decorations – this is the simplest way to bring Halloween to your shop. When you buy your Halloween stock keep in mind how you can dress it up in your shop, this is an inexpensive way to make it look ‘spooky’. 

Dying for a good deal – Puns are your best friend when it comes to seasonal decorations.

Trick – or – treat themed food and drinks – Create custom cocktails, and the customer could either get a delicious cocktail or chilling concoction. 

Fancy dress comp – Fancy dress isn’t just for children, us adults love a good costume. Why not throw a fancy dress competition and the winner gets a free socially distanced drink before 10 pm (depending on where you are in the country). 

Some great overall tips
Online presence – It’s always important to be present on social media no matter the time of year. But tweaking your content accordingly could help you stand out from your competition. Some simple ways to adapt your social media channels is to run a pumpkin carving competition and ask followers to share their creations. 

Include a new website banner – You could display some exclusive online deals or simply wish everyone a Happy Halloween. Why not change the font on your banner to ‘Shadows Into Light’, ‘Amatic SC’, ‘Permanent Marker’ or ‘Jolly Lodger’. 

Email marketing – Instead of writing a blog about Halloween, simply ad a Happy Halloween to the top of your newsletter.