How will your business recover from lockdown?

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Wow, we certainly didn’t think we were facing 6 weeks of lockdown. In anticipation of Boris Johnson’s announcement on Sunday, we are looking at our own processes for returning to the office.

However, during the lockdown, we have been helping our clients deal with delivery issues, update their own clients via blogs and social media, help and advice on how we are dealing with the crisis and we also managed to squeeze in 2 brand books as well.

As we all look to return to full service we need to consider how we actually manage that.

Will my customers just presume we have returned to the office?

In a word no, the whole of the UK has been on lockdown for over 6 weeks. Some businesses have carried on and done well. Some have reduced to a skeleton staff, some are sadly not with us anymore. When we return it maybe phased with an alternating workforce, you may have multiple offices to reopen or you may only still be able to provide a limited service. Your customers need to know what your plan is.

Our ‘Return to Business’ package

With what we are hoping is a firm plan for businesses to return back to normal on Sunday we are committed to providing you with what you need to get back up and running again.

With this in mind, we are putting together a branded ‘Return to Business Package’. Which includes…

Social Media – a number of posts aligned with your own timeline to return to work, pushed out to your channels.

eShots – a series of emails informing your customers of your return and any changes in how you are able to work with them.

Blogs – a series of articles informing visitors of your return but also promoting any products or services which may help their own return to business.

Homepage Banners – a series of banners which serve as a notice to keep visitors informed of key dates or branch openings.

Press Releases – a press release to the local press to share your story throughout lockdown and your plans for the future.

Why is this important?

Although marketing is generally one of the first activities that is put on the back burner in times of financial crisis. It’s also very closely linked with sales which is the lifeblood of all and every business – cash is king! So I urge you to consider your return to business and how you plan to keep your customers informed.

Please contact us for further information on this or to discuss any aspect of it.