Bringing British-made Lithium-Ion batteries to the leisure industry


Teconnex Power is a new and exciting venture by Teconnex, the global engineering leader who have been innovating in the emissions market since the 1950s.

Following Teconnex’s proud heritage of delivering solutions in the automotive and aerospace sectors, Teconnex Power aims to extend the financial and environmental benefits of renewable and carbon neutral energy production. As part of their diversification programme, they are now developing energy storage and battery solutions.

What we delivered

  • Identity & Product Creation
  • Branding
  • eCommerce
  • eMarketing

The Challenge

Teconnex Power required support with bringing their first product, a 100Ah Lithium Battery, to market.

Working with the technical team at Teconnex Power, we designed the brand from scratch, as well as visual marketing, including the look of the product and a shop floor battery stand. To promote Teconnex Power’s new product and mission, we created their website, print materials, and social media presence.


The Impact

Through our marketing, customers of Teconnex Power have a comprehensive portal to learn about their industrial energy solutions.

Taking this further, we're now working on a full marketing strategy to start rolling the product out into the UK and EU. We’re excited to see what happens next, and can’t wait to watch Teconnex Power grow.

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