Designer-approved websites we love and why

18th August, 2023
Designer-approved websites we love and why featured image
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Author: Adam

It takes users 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about your website. 

Basically, that makes it your job (and the designer’s) to make them want to stay. 

As the online face of your brand, your website is what tells new clients and customers about you. From just a glance, it’s saying everything they need to know in a split second – if they like your stuff, your voice, your work – which is why it’s so necessary to make your website reflective of your brand.

From compelling copy, with every word being perfectly-placed and in the right tone, to beautiful, engaging design, each bit of your site needs to make sure that your users’ first impression is a good one.

At Puddle, website inspo is top of our list!

So, here are our top 5 faves, and why we think they’re great.



Branding themselves very plainly as ‘not an agency’, Madwell are a creative marketing… um… something with a website that’s so wonderfully interactive, we never want to close the tab.

Every time you refresh their homepage, you’re greeted by something new and exciting. From a game of Snake to a drawable line of their team’s faces that follow your cursor, it’s engaging, fun, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Their portfolio is clear and easily followed, and their News & Press page boasts a similarly bold and simple user interface.

What more can you want from a creative not-agency?

What we’re taking from it: innovative, imaginative, and wonderfully playful – Madwell’s website and design keeps everyone coming back again and again.

The best bit from the website of Athens’ award-winning design agency is… kind of everything. are a big name for a reason. Their LinkedIn bio tells us that they blend ‘bold creativity with sensitivity… with a focus on interactive design… rooted in research and innovative storytelling.’ This is all obvious from the very first click.

Their ‘exceptional visual communication’ certainly pulls through on their site, which is excitingly interactive and bold without being inaccessible. Huge font and direct design intermingle on the website, giving their audience exactly what they’re looking for. It’s a whole brand story without words. 

What we’re taking from it: striking, distinct, and uncomplicated, offer a visual website experience like no other. It’s a lesson in consistent, authentic branding.


Stephenson Law

For the only website on our list that isn’t in marketing or design, Stephenson Law is something special. The bright colour scheme is immediately eye-catching, creating a site that’s truly memorable. Their copy is excellent, too – services are clearly explained, pain points are pinpointed, and their target audience are hooked right in.

Our favourite part of the Stephenson Law website are the very cute characters that liven up your screen. Animation on a website just makes everything better and more scroll-stopping for your audience, especially if it catches attention without taking away from the content.

What we’re taking from it: design doesn’t have to be boring, even if your services need to be serious. Stephenson Law keep all copy and their mission clear, and the visuals add everything else. Funky!


Stink Studios

Even if you haven’t heard of Stink Studios, you will have seen their work about. They’ve won a whole host of awards, and worked with some of the biggest names, from Nike to Google, Channel 4 to Spotify. 

You can see their impact as soon as you click. The icons that permeate the site are the perfect blend of fun and classic, with all colours standing out spectacularly on the site’s black background. 

What we’re taking from it: less can sometimes be more. Stink Studios let their work speak for itself. They’re the best at keeping it simple, with visuals strong enough to carry the site.


Wayside Studio

Another brand keeping it simple, Wayside Studio use a wonderfully monochromatic site, without any distractions taking away from what really matters. Super scrollable and stunning, every choice, from font to photography, is perfect. Everything looks sleek and professional, with a uniqueness you’d expect from such an interesting studio.

What we’re taking from it: if your branding is good, everything will fit into place. You don’t need a million pages to show your worth. Sometimes, you can prove yourself with just one colour.


We’ve been enjoying whittling down the shortlist – but if there’s any sites you think we’ve missed, give us a shout!

And, we do website design, by the way. If you need a hand, or if you want a perfectly-designed visual identity to match a fresh new site, we’ll help you out. Just give us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get the ball rolling!