Email Marketing: Rising From The Ashes

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The common misconception is email marketing does not offer the same return for your money as it once did.

Well, try telling that to Oasis…

The high street fashion retailer has started using video content in its email marketing with significant success.

It has revealed a staggering 175% increase in revenue from emails featuring a responsive embedded video when compared to results of emails without.

Google Ads and paid ads on social media have long been the main focus for numerous brands and businesses over the years.

Although they are successful forms of advertising, many have abandoned their email marketing on a deserted island.

We are telling you now; it is time to grab your boat and drag it back to the mainland.

We all know the average person checks social media regularly, but with this rise in social channels, did it ever make us stop checking our emails?

In reality, email marketing never really went away. For many, it is the content people created for their clients and customers that failed to capture its audience.

Every single day, email marketing gives us the chance to engage one on one with a customer.

Most companies obtain numerous email addresses on a day to day basis with no real strategy for what they could do with them.

Email marketing allows you to set up targeting campaigns to specific customers on your mailing list, and from what they have purchased in the past, you already have the advantage of knowing what they like.

With video content proving to be a driving force behind engagement and sales on any online platform in 2019, you have an untapped resource in getting your message across by combining video and email in the new year.

When was the last time you looked at your email marketing? If you are sat their now and can’t remember, it is probably worth you giving us a call.

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