Google Announces Ads Transparency Center

31st March, 2023
Google Announces Ads Transparency Center featured image
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Author: PJ

Google has launched yet another feature that will help with ads safety. The ‘Ad Transparency Centre’  will benefit advertisers when it comes to safety and transparency for users and businesses. This was an announcement made in the 2022 Ads Safety Report.

This service will roll out worldwide over the next few weeks and will offer a searchable database of all advertisements on Google search, Youtube and Display.

Google aims to ensure that users are well-informed about the ads they see on their platforms. For example, if you are interested in a product or service you have seen on a Google search Ad, you can use Google’s Ads Transparency Center to learn more about the brand before visiting the site.

The centre will show key information about the advertisement you have viewed, including advertiser details, the format of the ad and how and when it appears on the platform or site you are visiting. 

Google offers more transparency for the number of political ads included. This includes the amount the advertisers spent, the number of times it was shown and the location targeting criteria. 

This tool can be used to research and analyze competitors’ ad designs and copy, meaning its beneficial when designing Google ads. 

Meta offers a similar service in the Facebook Ad Library, where advertisers and users can browse ads from brands in several fields, including politics, housing and employment. The Ad details include the design and copy for all ad variations as well as the platform and placement of the displayed ad and when it was launched. 

In addition to the Ads Transparency Center, you can visit My Ad Center in your Google account. You can review ads you’ve seen recently and control the ads shown to you by category, brand sensitive topics.