Guide To Influencer Marketing

Guide To Influencer Marketing

It’s obvious that the world of marketing has changed over the years and one of the biggest changes is in the world of influencer marketing.

Back in the day, you’d just associate influencers marketing with celebrities and maybe a handful of dedicated bloggers, but now through the power of social media, the number of influencers has hit an all-time high.

Brands are now turning to people who have thousands to millions of social followers on platforms such as Instagram to promote their products.

In today’s world, Millennials and Gen Zers turn to social media before they decide to buy anything, influenced by people they relate to and persuaded by authentic voices and aesthetically pleasing content.

If you’ve looked into influencer marketing already, you may have found some conflicting case studies but like any marketing, it’s all about trial and error and learning from what you know.

Puddle Agency’s quick guide to influencer marketing.

How much presence does your business have online? Yes, promoting yourself through your own social channels has it’s benefits and has potential. However, who is actually looking at your posts? Unless you have already built a huge social following, you’re unlikely to reach a lot of people.

Social media channels such as Facebook, are making life a lot harder for businesses, favouring content from friends and family so getting reach on your organic posts is getting harder and harder. This is where influencers step in.

Many influencers followers have audiences of like-minded people, their support bases are usually on a large scale and it’s usually much easier to find and work with influencers and their audience rather than attempting to build that base for yourself.

The first step you need to take when you’re starting the process of using influencer marketing is to research and decide which network you want to focus on.

What we’re talking about here is which social media platform is your audience more active on? While beauty and fashion brands do well on Instagram and YouTube, gaming takes over Twitch.

When you’ve chosen which platform you would like to focus on, take a look at the type of influencers you would like to work with. Have a look at the amount of followers they have, what content they post, how their audience interacts with them. What you need to remember is the amount of followers they have will determine your budget.

A lot of businesses see influencer marketing as a way to boost brand awareness and get more sales. However, when thinking about what you want to get out of influencer marketing, try and be as specific as possible and acknowledge your brands current needs.

The hardest part of influencer marketing is choosing the right influencer to work with and it does require a lot of research as there’s a lot to choose from! Think about what budget you have, what kind of audience you’re wanting to target and how you want your product/service to be promoted.

When you’ve chosen which influencer you’re going to work with, this is when you should be pulling together your marketing campaign. Ensure that you choose the right approach to truly make the most out of using an influencer, maybe run a giveaway, help the influencer create some unique content to stand out from the crowd and don’t forget about the most effective platform for influencer marketing, Instagram.

The key points when it comes to influencer marketing is knowing what you want to achieve and who you want to target when you’re looking for potential influencers to work with. Every day we’re gaining more and more influencers, making influencer marketing even more lucrative each year, so don’t neglect it!

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