How Is Elon Musk’s Twitter Acquisition Going To Impact Marketing?

Twitter Logo

A name that is rarely out of the news is Elon Musk, whether it be the latest developments in SpaceX and Tesla or the ever-evolving saga that is his purchase of Twitter. This purchase comes in the wake of Twitter already undergoing changes. They are announcing several new changes in recent months to gain back user interest following a decline in use and loss of interest from Tweeters. 

Social media marketers will naturally feel a concern surrounding these changes, as Twitter has long been used as a tool to market products and connect with clients on a personal level. 

Twitter’s latest updates include the following:

  • Chronological or algorithmic feeds are able to be chosen by users
  • New built-in Twitter podcast player 
  • Easier editing button for tweets
  • Multimedia tweets

Is Twitter Losing Users?

Many brands rely on Twitter to market their products and connect with clients. So it’s natural that rumours of its decline may be worrying marketing teams. Internal research obtained by Reuters found that Twitter’s top accounts have been tweeting significantly less. A spokesperson for Twitter argues that Twitter’s general audience continues to grow, meaning it remains a profitable company.

Should Brands Be Worried?

Brands that primarily connect with their clients through Twitter are likely to worry about what these developments mean for their business. Yet, if you do have an audience on the microblogging service, it is worth continuing to invest in your content. Yes, rumours surrounding the decline in Twitter are circulating. However, it is still a profitable, effective form of social media marketing and a personal way to connect with clients and customers.
So, for now, keep Tweeting! 

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