How to Write Persuasive Social Media Ads

Copywriting can be challenging, especially when it comes to writing social media ads that can acquire new business for your brand. 

In this article, we’re running down some top tips to excel in your social media ads and how you can create effective campaigns through persuasive copywriting.

  • Keep Ads Short 

Social media giant Facebook offers ample room in the text section that can be used to craft a persuasive ad, yet it is often better to keep your ad copy concise and short, yet remember to include keywords that will boost SEO. 

Meta recommends keeping the text copy to 125 characters and the headline and description to fewer than 30 characters. It’s proven that readers lose interest after a certain point, so it’s worth trying to keep everything as short as possible, whilst also ensuring content is engaging. 

  • Start With a Hook

The average social media user has an attention span of 2.5 seconds or less, so it’s important to grab user attention with a punchy introduction. 

Beginning a post with an irresistible hook will engage users instantly and likely result in clicks to your campaign.

How can someone write a punchy intro? 

  • Tease audiences by telling prospects that will leave them wanting to know more.
  • Ask a question that may resonate with the target audience. 
  • Hint at exclusives that they won’t get elsewhere!


  • Problem-Agitate-Solve (PAS)

The PAS copywriting formula is often used as a way to speak to customer’s “pain points” and offer a solution to a problem. Creating FOMO can be the extra nudge a potential customer needs on board. 

For example, if a company is selling dishwasher salt, they may start with: “Had enough of limescale?” to engage the customer and resonate with a problem they may be having. 

  • Focus on the Benefits

Although PAS is a great way to engage the customer, purely focusing on the benefits of what your trying to sell is also beneficial.

Start by highlighting the benefits or features of your product and lead into the advantages of it to the customer. Close by again discussing the benefits and the overall outcome of the product.

At Puddle, we understand that there writing persuasive content can sometimes feel like a challenge, not to mention the overwhelming world that is social media. 

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