How We Market Manufacturing Companies.

A large percentage of our clients here at Puddle agency ascend from the manufacturing sector. The manufacturing sector is a competitive and important industry, and it can be overwhelming when it comes to marketing. 

Our extensive experience in marketing these brands means we are well caught up in all the latest trends and insights in the manufacturing industry and different tactics on how to drive success to these companies. In this article, we are going to run down some different tactics that have proven successful when marketing manufacturing businesses. 

Articles and Written Content Work

Writing long-form content has long been a successful tool for boosting marketing results. Information you publish on your site can help engage users and also aid in SEO.

We use copywriting skills that will position you as a manufacturer clients can trust. Considering around 50% of potential clients read website content before committing to their services, it’s important content is engaging and in-depth, educating clients on your services in a way they will understand. 

Email Marketing

Manufacturing marketing can be a long process, but once you have acquired a client, it’s important to keep them on board.

Email marketing, such as newsletters and eShots, can capture interested leads and keep clients interested in your products and services. It’s also a way to share updates within the business and keep clients aware of any changes within the business. 

Understanding Brand Identity

Manufacturing industries can be complex, and no one is the same. Marketers, such as us here at Puddle, benefit from understanding brand identity by sitting down and having in-depth conversations about how your company operates and how we can bring this understanding into action. 

Through brand workshops, keeping updated on trends in your industry sector and regular visits to your facility will give us more insight into the identity of your brand and help us to gauge how what you want potential customers to think of your company.

Trade Shows

Manufacturing companies benefit from attending trade shows. Not only is it a great way to acquire new clients, but it’s a great way to connect with others in the industry and observe the competition. We offer stands, merchandising and point-of-sale products that can help bring attraction.