Instagram has launched Instagram notes! How could this work for your business?

Instagram has returned with another new feature, Instagram notes. This feature allows users to share a status with followers and keep them up to date on their daily lives. 

Instagram, owned by Meta, announced several new features over the last few weeks, and ‘notes’ has caused quite a reaction, with many users stating it to be an exciting way for users to communicate with others.

How does this work?

Once updating the latest version of Instagram, you will see those you are following share their thoughts and feelings in a speech bubble.

To leave a note, simply click the profile icon at the left and press “leave a note”, this will allow you to leave a 60-character message using both emojis and text.

How long do Instagram Notes remain on my profile?

The same as an Instagram story, notes last just 24 hours before they disappear. These can be deleted at any time. They are also able to be deleted at any time. 

How could I make this work for my business?

Use this tool as a way to keep in close communication with your customers! You’d be surprised how much you can pack into 60 characters.

Share a note that allows informs customers of a new update in the business, such as a sale or promotion or the launch of a new product. Keep it fun and light with the use of emojis and keep up interaction by ensuring you reply to any replies the note receives. 

What else is new to Instagram?

Instagram is also set to introduce a mimic of the popular social media app “BeReal”, coining it “Candid Stories”, allowing users to capture and share what they are up to at an exact moment. This is another fun way to interact with clients and score sales. 

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