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We get it - running a social media account can be overwhelming. Then, add multiple platforms to the mix, and try thinking about metrics, analytics, growth, and everything else… deep breath.

OK, relax those shoulders. We’ve got it covered. At Puddle, we offer total social media management for your business, and use effective marketing techniques designed to drive results. Whether it's tweeting (or not - cough, Elon), snapping away on Insta, or connecting with like-minded folk on LinkedIn, we’ll help your brand become savvy on the socials.

How social media can help your business

Connect, engage, and convert your audience in targeted demographics

Allow your audience to interact directly with your brand


Increase traffic and improve search engine rankings


Increase brand awareness, with a humanised, personal touch


Stay on top of your competitors’ content

Our Social Media Services

No business is the same - so why would we treat your social media like anyone else’s?

We’ll work with you to develop your brand’s unique voice and persona, making your social media stand out from the rest. We’ll create campaigns that are designed to fit your brand identity, creating lasting impressions on your clients - and the rest of the world. We use our signature personable approach with your socials, ensuring close collaboration with you, learning what works best for your brand.

Platforms we’ll take off your hands


Does the term ‘thought-leader’ give you the ick? (It does for us, a bit. Don’t tell). Even so, LinkedIn is the place to be for making connections in the business world. For networking, finding trending topics in similar industries, and even long-lasting partnerships, it’s a very handy platform for those in the know. We’ve got a deep understanding in the inner workings of LinkedIn; we can link your business with new contacts, and work to maintain and develop these relationships.


If you’re not proficient on Insta, the world’s most popular photo-sharing platform, you’re probably not making the most of your business. We’ll take over it for you, working with our designers to create visually scroll-stopping posts with catchy copy. Your followers will be entertained, and kept fully up-to-date with all your goings-on.


Facebook still stands as the most popular social media platform and, with ample opportunities for advertising, it’s an essential tool to market your business. We create posts using keywords that will make their way onto potential new customers’ pages and keep those already following engaged.


How much can you say in 280 characters? Well, quite a lot, actually. Tweets are a great way to communicate with your customers, and really get your voice across. The microblogging service now comes with plenty of multi-media applications, meaning that we can help you create engaging tweets with eye-catching visuals.


Intimidating, yes. Engaging, creative, and essential - also, yes. TikTok has millions of users, and is becoming a necessary part of many brands’ marketing strategies. The video sharing platform is an inventive way to grab the attention of your customers, and reach wider audiences. We’ll help you generate videos that will leave everyone wanting more.

We think talking is better.
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