Stay Sane During COVID-19

7 tips to stay sane during covid-19

Although we’re not in the Puddle offices, we’re all still working hard and continuing to support our clients from home.

You’ve probably seen the suggestions from the government about what to do while stuck inside but we’ve also put together some of the things that are keeping us sane while working from home.

  1. Become a Master Chef
    Your lunch hour is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself in making new and delicious recipes. An even bigger challenge as the supermarkets have limited ingredients. So we challenge you to find 5 different ingredients and make a tasty lunch you’ve never had before! Check out some of these easy staple recipes
  2. Learn something new
    Don’t let these next couple weeks go to waste, why not take up a new skill. You could learn to juggle, aprender un nuevo lenguaje or even teach yourself some magic tricks. There are plenty of online courses to keep your brain active, you can even teach yourself how to use Photoshop or check out some Ted Talks
  3. Find your hidden green finger
    Gardening is a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Maybe you have a hidden green finger and now’s the perfect time to discover it. It would be typical that when the UK finally starts to get some nice weather we’re asked to stay away from all our beautiful countryside.
  4. Video games
    This week Ninendo released Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch (we know as one of our team members was very excited!) Playing games online with your friends is a great way to have some fun but also stay connected from a safe distance.
  5. Stay active
    Although we’re only allowed outside for one form of exercise a day, make the most of it! Take an hour out to walk or jog around your local area, you never know what you might find right on your doorstep. Just make sure you keep at least 2 meters away from other people!
    Check out some of our team’s favourite workouts
  6. Take a walk down memory lane
    Take this time to clear out your attic and go through your old photo albums, get to know your family history. Why not take these photos and put together your family tree? It’s a great keepsake that you can show your whole family.
  7. Stay connected
    The most important thing to do during this confusing time is to stay connected. Although we can’t see our loved ones we can still ring and Facetime them! Reach out and check in on your friends and family, you don’t know what it might mean to them.

Remember to wash your hands regularly, stay at home as much as possible and together we’ll get through this strange time. With the help of G Suite, Slack and Zoom we’re still able to operate a full service for all our clients while staying at home, so we’re here if you need us.

Grow With Us.