The ‘New Normal’

The "new normal" a year in lockdown

How long do you call something the ‘new normal’ before it actually becomes normal?

The UK has been in some kind of lockdown for a year but we have adapted. We’ve stayed at home, we’ve worked from home, we’ve held business meetings from home and we’re finally seeing the office at the end of the tunnel.

Here’s what some of our team thought about adapting and working from home –

Adam, Web Developer
Working from home had its upsides such as not having to get public transport, staying in bed that extra hour and best of all I had quick access to food and the TV. One thing I missed, however, was my colleagues (well not that much) but I’d much rather be in the office with other people rather than being sat alone at home.

Sarah, Project Manager
Working from home during lockdown was definitely different and it does have its pros and cons, I could work in my PJ’s but I couldn’t easily bounce ideas off my colleagues! I enjoyed the flexibility of working from home but when you’re working in your living room, it’s sometimes hard to switch off when it gets to 5pm. Although lockdown made things a bit more difficult, it did demonstrate that when it comes down to it, work can still carry on efficiently without any major disruptions.

Steve, Founder
The pros of working from home do not outweigh the cons, they don’t even come close. Physically and mentally the process of travelling to work and interacting with fellow employees is good for everyone’s wellbeing. Face to face meetings are always going to be better than Zoom! I’m delighted we are all back in the office, as a team, to push forward into 2022 and forget all this ever happened.

I mean working from home can have some advantages but I think it’s safe to say we’re all glad to be back in the office.

Here’s to all the other amazing people and businesses that have had to adapt over the last 365 days. Whether you’ve had to furlough staff, move your business online or been lucky enough to not have been affected. It’s been a tough year for everyone and we just wanted to say well done!