TikTok Video Creation: How do you do that?

TikTok Sound

Creating content on TikTok is key to being successful.

So how do you create content on TikTok?

When you get your head around it, it’s easy! Press the + button at the bottom centre of your screen to open up the camera. Have a play around with all the different features you can see. There’s an option to change recording speed, set up a self-timer, add a sound, or add a filter to your video. Some features require you to record your video first. Such as adding a sound, text, effects and stickers.

Do you know what a voiceover is?
A voiceover is when you record a video with no sound. Then you add a sound over the top. This is an effective way of getting your audience engaged as it is something different out of the ordinary to help expand what’s going on in the video or make it funnier.

Make videos more engaging for your audience by experimenting with joining challenges, dueting popular videos and using effects. Everyone likes that sort of thing!

Now onto the most crucial part. Creating your caption. The key to making your videos successful is by using hashtags. Selecting the most relevant and trending hashtags to your videos gives you a much higher chance of your video going viral. In addition, doing these steps means that your produced content will end up on somebody’s for you page if they have engaged or created similar videos.

Hop on the latest trend today, use these tips and let TikTok do its magic.