What is ChatGPT, and could it help your business?

ChatGPT is yet another example of the rise in artificial intelligence.

The service can be used for quite literally anything. Ask it a question, and you will receive one in natural language. GhatGPT can give you ideas for business ventures, help with marketing content and even tell you what to have for dinner!

When it was first released, social media went into a frenzy, showcasing different ways the app could be used and how it could answer any question in a matter of seconds. 

The service received a million visits, racking up users just days after its launch, contrary to services like Facebook, which waited ten months before receiving a million users.

The famous AI research organisation OpenAI develops ChatGPT. The company, which has had the seal of approval from Elon Musk and Microsoft, uses the company’s GPT3 (Genratice Pre-Trained Transformer 3) technology, allowing users to chat the AI service about anything and everything.

Why is this a big deal? The service is one of the most powerful language and processing models ever created. It can respond in different styles and languages and is trained on such a huge data set that there is no end to the information it stores. 

How could ChatGPT help my business? 

Although overwhelming, considering the mass of information and how human the chat service seems, it can be helpful for business. Sure, we have google to answer our questions, but ChatGPT appears to hold more answers.

Help with article ideas.

It can be challenging to think of regular content ideas catered to your brand if you run a blog on your website. ChatGPT can not only tell you different article ideas but can also give you the latest trends in that particular topics and sectors. 

Coding Errors

Is a code not working, or does it need debugging? Simply paste it into ChatGPT, and it should be able to fix it. What is so great about this system is that it can ask follow-up questions that allow it to solve any coding issues accurately. 


ChatGPT can help with SEO by providing keywords that will help boost your performance and ranks in the search engines. Simply ask what the popular keywords are for a particular topic and receive a list of different options for high-ranking keywords.

Is it Safe?

Although AI does seem to be taking over the world, it’s worth remembering that no computer can ever match the instincts of humans. Therefore, relying solely on AI poses risks and may feed inaccurate information. ChatGPT recognises this itself and even reminds users that it will tend to make mistakes. 

Yes, ChatGPT may be a great way to source information quickly, but perhaps think twice about using it to replace the knowledge of marketing experts completely, as mistakes could happen. 

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