WordPress has Released 6.1.1

Computer with wordpress open

Just a few weeks after the WordPress Core team released version 6.1 of their web development system, a new update was announced, WordPress 6.1.1.

Why have there been two updates in such a short amount of time? Simply put, WordPress 6.1.1 is a maintenance update designed to fix 29 core and 21 block editor bugs, meaning it is an update that is designed to be more comprehensive than some of the recent minor WordPress releases. 

Let’s take a look at these improvements and how they will help improve your website. 

Core Bug Fixes

The 29 WordPress core bug fixes mainly cover various aspects of the content management system (CMS). This includes the site editor, themes and installation of sites. The complete list of fixes and improvements can be found here.

Remaining maintenance Files After Plugin Updates

Whenever WordPress is updated, the system creates a .maintenance file to put your site into maintenance mode. After the system completes the update, it should delete the file automatically, allowing the site to work again. 

There are some cases where a .maintenance file would remain after the user’s completed plugin updates in WordPress 6.1. This caused the website to get stuck in maintenance mode, and could only be fixed by manually removing it. 

The developers have since reverted the related file system components to the previous state, which has fixed the issue. Users should now be able to update plugins in WordPress 6.1.1 and not be stuck in maintenance mode. 

Performance Improvements

WordPress 6.1.1 offers solutions to previous performance issues raised on two Trac tickets,  such as the wp_get_theme function, which creates an instance of WP_Theme class. This previously meant that resources are consumed and it is also unnecessary in many cases as only one class property is required. 

This is just one example of improvements made, WordPress 6.1.1 developers have also improved the performance of certain aspects of the site which will save resources and cut down on load times.

Block Editor Updates

The block editor feature is an integral part of WordPress core. Most WordPress will incorporate a few of its updates. WordPress 6.1.1 offers over 20 block editor bug fixes. These improvements include:

  • Improvements to the word formatting and table blocks
  • Restoration to the paragraph inserter
  • Font size constraints for typography