You better watch out, you better not cry, Christmas Marketing is coming to town

christmas marketing

Christmas is a very exciting time, the lights go up and the German Markets open. It’s also an excellent time for businesses to get inspired and create great Christmas marketing campaigns.

Some of the most rememberable adverts have been around Christmas, with John Lewis’s 2013 Christmas advert being watched more than 38,000,000 times.

John Lewis and Coca-Cola are amongst some of the most anticipated Christmas adverts every year. Although there is always a lot of talk about the John Lewis advert, the excitement of hearing the words ‘the holidays are coming’ is the start of Christmas for many of us.

During an advert break on ITV, the nation saw the Coca-Cola Christmas advert for the first time this year. We have followed the iconic Coca-Cola truck on its journey through America, Europe, then stopping in the UK in 2010 and finally heading over to Australia in 2017.

If you follow our social media accounts, you will have seen that we’re doing the 12 days of marketing tips, helping you to kick start your business Christmas campaign. From simply adding a Santa hat to your profile picture to creating a bespoke festive email, you can create a simple but effective Christmas campaign.

Social media allows you to create interactive campaigns for customers and followers to get involved with your campaign for the chance to win prizes. A great example of this is Ted Baker’s #TedsElife campaign in 2014. This interactive game asked people to find the missing elves by visiting the @TedsElfie Instagram page for clues to help them on their hunt. People had to take selfies when they thought they had found an elf and use the hashtag #TedsElfie to enter.

Running giveaways on social media is an invaluable way to increase your followers and reach new audiences. Christmas is also the perfect time to try something new, so don’t be afraid to push the boat out a bit and explore new strategies. After all, who doesn’t like the chance to win free goodies?

Some of the things you would need to consider when running a give away are:

  • What would the prize be?
  • What would people have to do to enter?
  • Which social media channel you would use?

(Remember: Read the guidelines of your chosen social media channels to ensure you don’t break any of their rules. This can result in them penalising your posts, and they won’t reach as many people.)

So what are you waiting for, Christmas is only two weeks away, start creating your exceptional Christmas Campaign.

Don’t know where to start; get in touch with us as it’s not too early to start thinking about your 2020 campaign!

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