Adobe is integrating AI into Photoshop

26th May, 2023
Adobe is integrating AI into Photoshop featured image
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Author: Adam

Let’s face it, AI is taking over the world! With services like Chat GPT being used for a host of different services, including coding, data collection, recipes and artwork! 

Software giant Adobe has joined the AI hype, integrating the technology into their widely used Photoshop program.

The brand, who are most associated with image editing, will incorporate the generative AI product Adobe Firefly, which was launched six weeks ago, creating a tool the company says will become a “co-pilot” for graphic designers.

Tools such as the “generative fill” feature allow Photoshop users to add, expand or remove unwanted items from images using a text prompt similar to those used by AI services Dall-E and Midijourney.

Essentially, type in what you want Adobe to draw or design and it will do it for you! 

Although AI seems to have only recently become a topic of interest in the technology world, Adobe has actually been using AI as part of their software for decades, but advances in this technology mean that there is now no end to what you can do with Photoshop.

This has raised concerns amongst artists who feel this is yet another threat to human creativity from artificial intelligence, but it does mean quick design jobs can be done with the click of a button.

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