Life in plastic, it’s fantastic marketing

19th July, 2023
Life in plastic, it’s fantastic marketing featured image
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Author: Adam

The world has turned hot pink (Pantone’s 219C, to be exact), and Barbie’s influence is everywhere. With the highly anticipated movie due to be released this weekend, the Barbie marketing team have been working overtime, and, seemingly, the only way to avoid the barrage is to walk around with your eyes closed. (“Is anyone else feeling bullied into being excited about the Barbie movie?” tweeted Succession star J. Smith-Cameron.)

In fact, it’s ironic that Barbie has exploded, since the film shares a release date with Oppenheimer, a dark, brooding documentary about the birth of the nuclear bomb. Cue, edited posters with hot pink mushroom clouds. Cue, hundreds of thousands of tickets sold for same-day double screenings. Cue, Barbenheimer merch. 

We’re thinking about what lessons we can learn from the Barbie boom. Not every marketing agency has a combined Mattel/Warner Bros budget, or the partnerships. But, at Puddle, we believe there’s a lot to be gleaned. Read on to find out our top 3 marketing tips from Barbie.


1. Hold back

Information about the film was carefully teased and highly selective. From the release of the 2001: A Space Odyssey-themed teaser trailer in December, it took four months for audiences to get a cast list, and another month after that to get an idea of the plot. Details were squeezed out slowly, building up anticipation. It’s definitely been a big part of the frenzy. To keep audiences curious, take Barbie’s hint, and keep your big info under wraps.


2. Keep it consistent

A really great brand is one that’s instantly recognisable. That’s been the key to the Barbie marketing – knowing that your audience will see you everywhere. With just a pink billboard, Barbie has been able to stir up a frenzy. Consistent branding is the answer to successful marketing; use your brand colours on all content, make sure your logo is simple and easily distinguishable, and weave your voice through all your copy.



3. Partner perfectly

From AirBnB and a free stay in the Barbie DreamHouse, to Burger King and a (frightening) pink ‘smokey’ sauce, Barbie has its partnerships down pat. To make sure you’re working with the right people, it helps to identify your audience, and understand what they’d be looking for. Then, you can find the brands they’ll trust and love. Another factor to consider is making sure you’re partnering with people who have the same values as you. A good partnership will maximise your exposure and brand visibility, and strengthen relationships with your audience. 


Getting ready for a detonation of an opening weekend? We’re planning to see Oppenheimer first, and then Barbie (with cocktails). 

For more marketing tips, and some not even hot pink-themed, get in touch at [email protected].