AI Can’t Fix Bad Taste: Why Your Business Still Needs a Graphic Designer

21st March, 2024
AI Can’t Fix Bad Taste: Why Your Business Still Needs a Graphic Designer featured image
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Author: Hannah

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been making waves in various industries, from entertainment to construction, healthcare to retail. But one area where it’s really taken off is graphic design. 

AI tools can be invaluable for graphic designers, enhancing design processes and alleviating workloads. AI-powered tools can help with tweaking text, manipulating images, selecting fonts, combining colours, creating logos, enhancing photos, and more. 

However, one thing remains clear: AI isn’t a substitute for a talented graphic designer. Let’s be frank: AI can’t fix bad taste. While it is a valuable addition to a graphic designer’s toolkit, like any tool, its effectiveness ultimately hinges on the user’s expertise. 

Let’s explore how AI has transformed graphic design and why businesses still need graphic designers to maintain their competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. 

How has AI transformed graphic design?

AI has changed the game in graphic design, automating repetitive tasks, sparking creativity, and boosting overall efficiency. It simplifies tasks like image resizing and offers valuable design suggestions, saving time and fueling innovation.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows…AI can sometimes lead people into a false sense of confidence, making them believe they’re budding graphic designers overnight. While it’s great that AI has made graphic design more accessible, it’s important to remember that as technology advances, so do our expectations. 

We’re no longer satisfied with mediocre websites with subpar images; we crave interactivity, animation, high-quality visuals, beautiful colour combinations, and striking logos – in short, we want perfection. 

We expect tasteful, beautiful graphic designs that capture a brand’s essence. As AI becomes more widespread, the public is getting better at spotting anything that looks fake or unnatural. Until AI becomes completely flawless, businesses need to be careful – mistakes like figures with extra fingers or awkwardly cut-off images can turn people off in an instant. 

We want designs that feel authentic, not lazy or rushed. This is where graphic designers come in.

Why do businesses still need graphic designers?

Graphic designers are detail-oriented by nature. They offer a unique perspective and identify areas where your design could shine. From the slightest tweak to improve user experience to major design overhauls that transform a brand identity, having a good graphic designer on your side can make all the difference. 

Here are some of the key reasons why businesses still need graphic designers despite the advent of artificial intelligence. 

1. Good taste is important.

Good taste is a designer’s superpower; your business is far more marketable when it has that unique flair only a human touch can achieve. 

Creative types, like graphic designers, find inspiration everywhere, not just in their own fields. Developing taste is about being open and vulnerable, trusting your gut and being true to what you love. Figuring out taste is an ongoing journey, and arguably, AI will never quite get the hang of true creativity and design prowess. 

2. AI tools are far from perfect.

Acknowledging the imperfections of AI tools is crucial. If your business’ website, advertisements, and social media are inundated with sloppy AI-generated images, consumers may dismiss your brand as lazy or dull. 

And, of course, AI is susceptible to errors, as shown by Google’s Gemini AI, which faced major backlash for producing historically inaccurate images. 

Don’t do your brand a disservice by neglecting graphic design and relying solely on AI tools to do the heavy lifting! 

3. People want authenticity

A final point to note is the importance of authenticity. Building trust between your business and your consumers is vital for success, and one way to achieve this is by positioning yourself as an authentic, trustworthy, and genuine brand with your audience’s best interests at heart. 

Maintaining a strong visual presence that adapts to business changes, industry trends, and consumer feedback helps keep your brand relevant and memorable. Your brand identity should permeate every aspect of your business, especially design and branding. Over-reliance on AI tools can dilute the genuineness and personality of your brand, making it harder to connect with your audience. 

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