How to find inspiration for content creation

6th December, 2023
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Author: Adam

When you’re in charge of creating any kind of content, a huge source of pressure is upon you right from the start. How can you think of what to create? Where do you find your inspiration?

Before thinking up your content, it’s important to note the target audience. The kind of people who will read or see the content will often guide the topic for you. This dictates much of our content strategy here at Puddle – and, when we’re writing for clients, we tend to plan the monthly content in advance.

But, that doesn’t mean we don’t feel stuck sometimes! 

If you’re lost on the blank page, here are some tips to get your brain whirring.

Take notes from content you love.

What better way to give you a lightbulb moment than something you already love? Spend some time looking on social media or blogs, for content from people you enjoy. Work out the aspects of the content you think are powerful, engaging or fun. Once you’ve made some notes, it’s time to put your research to the test! Use the aspects you found in your own content, and feel inspired. 

Utilise new content tools.

Specific tools for writing and researching content can be extremely helpful when trying to pick a topic. SEMrush, for example, has a Topic Research tool – just give it a prompt, and it’ll show you loads of titles to give you a helping hand. Other tools include ChatGPT (great for sparking ideas), Feedly (for what’s trending), and Buzzsumo (for what’s impactful).

Ask your peers or consumers.

Don’t be afraid to make the most of your community! Ask people what’s on their mind, and what kind of content they’d like to see. 

Expand upon or update old content.

Sometimes, inspiration can come from what you’ve already done. Try reading back on some previously-created content, and ask yourself what you can add to it. If it could do with an update, or even a full rewrite, that’s your content sorted.

Use trending topics.

Stay ahead of the game by using trending topics as inspiration for your content. Write a response, or film a video with trending music. It keeps you fresh and relevant, proving that you’re influenced by current events.

Check out your competition.

A great way to find inspiration is by checking out your competitors’ content. See what they’re up to, and do it better! 

And, if you’re really stuck with no way out – get in touch with Puddle. We’ll create you unique, scroll-stopping content, from copy to captions, that connects and converts. Say hello!