How to Write Compelling Copy whilst Maintaining Great SEO

6th April, 2023
How to Write Compelling Copy whilst Maintaining Great SEO featured image
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Author: PJ

A challenge for blog writers is ensuring you’re writing content that engages readers and is optimised for search engines. 

If you want to build your blog audience, monitoring SEO is a must. This will ensure content is seen by as many eyes as possible, boosting it in search engines like Google.

SEO can be complicated, and combining this with writing detailed copy can make it more challenging. Yet, there are ways you can boost content whilst ensuring your copy reads well. 

How do you write copy that engages audiences, reads well and ranks high in the search engines? It may sound like a difficult task, but following a few of these easy steps can aid in creating effective, optimised content:

  • Research Keywords

You must research keywords that users are actively searching for. Google determines the relevance of a page by analysing its content and looking for keywords. You can research keywords through various tools, software, analytics, and online resources. Many of these resources are expensive, but there are free ways to access keywords. 

  • Develop Structure 

Once you find your keywords, you need to create the narrative and story that will be incorporated onto your web pages. Think of an article idea that is relevant and could be used regularly in the copy. 

  • Link Building

Google notices when pages are enhanced for user experiences. So placing links within the copy is another way to boost engagement. Make sure you look for relevant links to complement the article. Be wary that Google will measure authority by the number of links pointing to that page and how trustworthy these links are. 

  • Meta Description

The Meta Description and Meta Title are what will boost your page in Google. Use your keyword research to enhance and optimise the descriptions and titles placed in your titles and description. Use your copywriting skills to improve this content. 

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