In-House Marketing vs Agency: Which is Best?

27th September, 2023
In-House Marketing vs Agency: Which is Best? featured image
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Author: Adam

Are you feeling torn between going in-house for your marketing or hiring an agency?

It’s a big investment, and a tricky decision. An in-house marketing team boasts accessibility, increased brand knowledge, and a higher level of control. Outsourcing to an agency, however, is more cost-effective, with a highly specialised and successful team, and can give your marketing strategy more creativity. 

Have a read through the pros of both in-house and outsourced marketing, and see which is best for your business.

Pros of in-house marketing


The main reason brands tend to opt for in-house marketing would be the complete creative control over their marketing strategy. An agency would want to have their own input on content and strategy, so that all work produced is to the highest standard. If you prefer very specific marketing, and don’t want to collaborate or make adjustments, working with an agency could be tricky. In-house marketing allows you faster communication and decision-making, too, so you can enjoy maximum control.


Getting to know your company’s voice, tone, and overall brand can be a lengthy process for an agency. Having an internal marketing team means that you’ll have people who know your brand inside-out, and are fully integrated in all departments. It can be a benefit to have someone marketing for you who exclusively represents your business. As agencies have multiple clients – often with many different kinds of strategy, branding, and content – internal marketing will only focus on one culture – yours. 

Pros of outsourcing to a marketing agency


It is much more cost-effective to outsource your marketing to an agency. Even if an in-house marketing team only has one employee, the costs for hiring, training, salary, benefits, software and more will add up exponentially. Whilst a marketing agency is still an investment, you don’t have to think about additional costs – and you get the benefit of a full team.


With the processes, talent, and resources that a marketing agency possess, they are able to take more (educated) risks and experiment with your strategy. If your marketing is internal, it’ll be far more dangerous to try new things without rigorous assessment. An agency will have taken these risks before, and will be fully equipped to be more creative with your marketing.


Working with a full team in a marketing agency gives you the benefit of their combined skill sets. Often, an agency will be made up of diverse experts and specialists in their fields. A brand or business can take advantage of this increased level of specialism, and can take a more hands-off approach, if desired.

No-one knows your business better than you, and a marketing agency won’t be the best choice for every single company. But, we can vouch for our own success at Puddle. We’ve turned around the strategy of multi-million-pound businesses, and successfully increased sales and brand awareness for every client. So, we think that hiring us as your marketing agency is probably your best bet!

If you think we’ll be a good fit, get in touch.