Google’s Performance Max is the future of marketing

30th June, 2023
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Author: Adam

Imagine a streamlined solution to campaign management that allows you to access all your ads from every Google channel – from just one campaign. 

That’s Performance Max. The campaigns work towards your conversion goals, whilst unlocking valuable audiences. Performance marketers can add several key elements into their campaign, such as creative text and assets, a set budget and first-party data. Then, the campaign uses automated bidding to work towards a single goal, within the set budget, in real-time. 

Utilising all Google has to offer, your ads will be pushed across Search, Display, Maps, YouTube, Gmail, and Discover, giving a single campaign the reach of several. With the full range of Google’s advertising channels and inventory available to you, your campaign is set up for success!

Basically, Performance Max drives your performance, whilst delivering more conversions and value. 

And, it’s got some new features!

We’ve put together a brief overview of 5 of these exciting new features here. Read on to find out more.

Asset Group Reporting

Before this update, users could only view metrics like conversions, costs, and conversion value at a campaign level – meaning that you couldn’t separate performance data between asset groups. Now, users can view and analyse all metrics at asset group level, making for better-informed optimisation decisions.

Video Creation Tools

For many performance marketers, it’s tricky to find the time or resources for video creation – and many brands demand video content for ads. So, these new Video Creation Tools from Google will make high-quality video assets both accessible and efficient for the masses. 

Campaign Level Brand Exclusions

Now, you can add brand exclusions at a campaign level without having to contact a Google Representative! This could include your own brand keywords, or a list of keywords that have underperformed historically. Say goodbye to blended traffic from Search and Shopping ads within your Performance Max campaigns.

Page Feeds

Advertisers now have the ability to direct traffic to specific landing page URLs. You can also group URLs by theme via labels, making them more accessible for particular campaigns and asset groups. Google uses AI to structure targeting and optimisation based on the landing page information, meaning that new audiences can be reached from unanticipated keywords.

Performance Max Experiments

Users can now run tests between asset groups and campaigns to see how Performance Max can drive additional conversions or conversion value. You can also test Standard Shopping campaigns to work out if they could do better when replaced with Performance Max. This allows the user to truly analyse how the system works for your campaign. 

Have you noticed any of these new features since they started rolling out in March? At Puddle, we’ve been enjoying the extra efficiency and accessibility, with even more ways to optimise our clients’ campaigns.

If you need a hand with your performance marketing, just give us an email at [email protected]. We’re happy to help!