Influencer Marketing

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Want to increase your sales and brand awareness, to an audience that will really engage? Influencer marketing is a valuable emerging strategy - and we can manage it for you.

Celebrity endorsement is a tried-and-tested way to drive engagement to your business, and to hook your audience through someone they already trust. Influencer marketing is an important part of your strategic toolbox, working with people who have social influence to promote your products and services.

How influencer marketing can help your business

Engaging with your target audience, and building authentic connections
Promoting new content, products, or services to an audience that will interact


Boosting your online reach and exposure


Building a connected, trusted community


Aligning your brand with high-profile individuals

Our Influencer Marketing Services

It's all about building connections. So, we're the best spokesperson for your business. You'll get the right influencers to shout about you, a specially-built contact list, and once you've chosen your perfect match, we'll manage all correspondence between you and them. For all types of influencers, whether it's micro, macro, nano, or mega-influencer, we'll sort all your communication and strategy. Making sure that targets are being met, we'll organise everything, so you don't ever have to worry about emails or missed deadlines.

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