The 3 TikTok Updates Marketers Need to Know About

2nd August, 2023
The 3 TikTok Updates Marketers Need to Know About featured image
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Author: Adam

TikTok still feels like a fairly new platform – not as new as Zuckerberg’s new venture, Threads, but something that a lot of marketers and social media managers are still getting their heads round.

If that sounds like you, don’t despair! This leaves an exciting opportunity to be ahead of the curve. As the app is very demonstrably positioned towards younger audiences, staying on top of trends and updates seems easier for Gen Z marketers – but this doesn’t have to be the case. At Puddle, we’re masters of the platform – which is why we’re clued up on TikTok’s latest updates. 

Here’s what we know about three new updates, and how you can use them to market effectively.

Text-Based Content

TikTok is, primarily, a video-sharing platform. Excitingly, creators can now share content in a written format, with options to edit sound, background, and font.

It has been common to find text-based content on the app already, with creators using text overlays on video. This update, however, makes sure that content can be geared more effectively towards the written word.

This update will be especially helpful when resharing blog posts and articles, as creators will have more room to play with. It will also mean that graphics shouldn’t need to be made separately to other platforms – with text, posts can be used the same way on LinkedIn as on TikTok. 

And, if you want to get into the trend of TikTok poetry, now’s the time to start!

TikTok for Business Starter Guide

Now, there’s a very useful tool available to businesses, agencies, and individuals at any level. 

TikTok has released a Starter Guide for anyone to access. Branded as ‘your personalised guide to making great ads in no time’, the guide takes you through to a whole host of tailored resources that you can apply to your marketing, advertising, and content strategies.

If TikTok seems intimidating, the Starter Guide makes for a great base. If you’re a small business, TikTok can make you a full personalised plan – definitely something to employ.

Ad Library Tool 

TikTok’s new Ad Library makes it easier for anyone to improve their ads. You can view and save top-performing, high-reach ads for creative inspiration, spy on your competitors, compare stats and analytics, and figure out trends, all on one platform. SEO is made more efficient, too, with tailored keyword and hashtag research tools.  

Access the library through your TikTok Business account, or click here to view top TikTok ads.

Are you still feeling tormented by TikTok, or pressured by other platforms? Don’t stress – at Puddle, we’ve got you covered. We’ll take over your social media and ad management, so you can rest easy.

Just say hi at [email protected]. We’re happy to help!