‘Going Through Changes’ – 3 Tips to Rebrand Successfully

26th July, 2023
‘Going Through Changes’ – 3 Tips to Rebrand Successfully featured image
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Author: Adam

The platform formally known as Twitter has been going through changes. Unfortunately for Elon, none of them seem to be particularly good.

If you read our article on Threads, or if you’ve spent any time on social media in the past few weeks, you’ll have realised that Musk’s last-ditch efforts to save Twitter from its inevitable fate (dwindling into not-much-at-all, like MySpace or Vine) have a tangibly doomed air about them. It’s not surprising, really, that users are flocking from Twitter to Threads, Musk to Zuckerberg, and that Twitter’s latest rebrand seems rather ill-omened.

On Monday, Musk announced that Twitter would now be ‘X’. The familiar blue bird that we all know and love, and with it, any brand recognition, is flying away forever. X, and its suspiciously un-designed logo, is here to replace it. It’s becoming an ‘everything app’, apparently. Well, we’ll miss the bird.

In acknowledgement, and some mourning, we’ve put together our 3 top tips to make a rebrand successful, keeping your brand – and audience – intact. 

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  • Ask yourself ‘why’.

There’s no point going through a rebrand without a discernible reason for it. You’ll need something to keep you on track, to refer back to throughout the whole process, and to give your audience and everyone in the business an understanding of your reasoning. Having a ‘why’ will strengthen your new brand identity. Whether it’s ‘to reach new customers’ or ‘to improve reputation,’ make sure you’ve got your answer clearly in sight.


  • Build yourself up, buttercup.

So, you’ve made the big decision to rebrand. You’ve got your ‘why’. Hopefully, you’ve done lots of research by this point, so you know what you’re going for. (If not, maybe it’s time to get chatting to a super-cool digital marketing agency. Cough, cough.) 

Now, you build back up, brick by brick. Consider renaming, changing up your copy and strapline, redesigning your logo and brand colours – everything that could do with shifting, think about shifting it. 

There’s something to be said about consistency, especially when you’ve established brand recognition and audience relationships, so it’s helpful to make sure it’s still you. Rebranding isn’t always about doing a 180. Sometimes, it’s just zhuzhing up all the bits and pieces.


  • Lift off!

The launch of your rebrand is going to take a lot of meticulous planning. To do it well, make sure your audience knows about it, is excited, and won’t be surprised when it all happens. Spread the word, and keep everyone informed. Pop a press release on your website, and in an E-shot, and make use of social media platforms (maybe not X) to tease the rebrand. Then, take off, and enjoy your fresh new brand – and fresh new customers and clients, too. 

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