UX vs. UI design: what’s the difference?

11th August, 2023
UX vs. UI design: what’s the difference? featured image
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Author: Adam

When creating a website, there are two very important elements to consider: how the site functions, and how it looks visually.

This is where UX and UI design come into play.

User Experience (UX) refers to the functional parts of your site that a user will interact with, focusing on how they move through it and what guides them. 

User Interface (UI), however, refers to the visual part of the website, like your brand colours, fonts, and button styles. 

Both elements are crucial to the development of a website, yet both have distinct roles, and shouldn’t be seen interchangeably. 

So, let’s get into it – the differences, the designs, and the development that goes into a website’s UX and UI.


What is user experience, and how does it fit into website design?

UX is the behind the scenes stuff. It’s the work that goes into creating your website – all the design and user research, the architecture, interaction design, and content strategy. 

With a good user research strategy, the designer will be empathetic, and learn the motivations, habits, and pain points of your audience. Then, potential problems can be pinpointed, and solved before they occur.

It’s all about getting a better understanding of who’s going to use the website, and seeing through their eyes. That way, their experience will be perfectly tailored and enjoyable – every single time.

For example: if someone needs information quickly, your website (with great UX) will allow them to find it straight away. Then, they’ll keep coming back – because the experience found what they were looking for. 

UX includes navigational options, buttons, CTAs, and anything your site’s users will engage with.


What’s the user interface, and why does my website need it?

The user interface of your site is what your audience will be drawn to. Even if the UX is good, boasting speed, reliability, and ease, if your UI is lacking, users won’t want to come back.

By creating your website with show-stopping, eye-catching design, your users can enjoy an engaging, immersive experience. UI should communicate your brand values consistently through all visuals, to build your reputation, and to make the website memorable. 

Concerned with keeping attention, UI makes use of non-complex functional features, with predictable outputs. Everything should be clearly labelled and accessible. Interfaces should be simple, with proper alignment, and natural, reliable navigation. 


To explain the difference between UX and UI more succinctly: UX is focused on the user’s journey to solve a problem, whereas UI is focused on how the website looks and functions.

Both are essential to consider when designing your website.

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