3 ways to keep online payments profitable

24th July, 2023
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Author: Adam

If your customers keep abandoning their carts at the checkout, it’s signalling a wider problem than indecision. It’s important to keep your e-commerce optimised, to improve conversion rates, and to stop your shoppers leaving.

So, get your e-commerce payments primed for profit with these easy steps! 



1. Improve card authorisation rates

Unauthorised transactions lead directly to your revenue intake. Fewer sales mean fewer customers, and fewer customers means, of course, less money for your business. But, don’t despair – by working to minimise card authorisation issues, you’ll soon be back on track. Make sure your payment provider is working correctly, and that you’re collecting enough data on your customers. This helps to improve your authorisation rates.


2. Improve user experience

Make sure your UX is streamlined, speedy, and completely seamless. Consider adding features to improve your website’s user experience, like card storage, tokenization, and flexible payment options. And, keep your branding clear throughout! Don’t miss an opportunity to have your logo loud and clear.


3. Keep your fraud rates low

Choose the right product to keep potential declines at bay. A good machine learning fraud solution will be customisable to how you want to block suspicious activity.


Here at Puddle, we can help to optimise your e-commerce for the best user experience that will keep your customers clicking. 


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