Five Copywriting Trends to Follow This Year

3rd March, 2023
Five Copywriting Trends to Follow This Year featured image
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Author: Adam

Copywriting is an essential part of a marketing toolbox. We use words every day. In marketing, the way we use words to promote our brand can make a world of difference to your marketing strategy.

As with most marketing skills, trends tend to pop up throughout the years. We’re now well underway with 2023, so we thought we would run down some of this year’s copywriting trends.

1. Authentic Storytelling.

Clients love to feel personally connected with the businesses they work with. You can try to connect with your audience through photographs, fun graphics and quick social media posts, but why not really connect with them through your storytelling skills? 

Talk about your history, the problems you are trying to solve, the behind-the-scenes action of your business, and what separates your products and services from the rest. Use creative language to tap into your audience and connect with them on a more personal level.

2. Make use of multimedia.

Compliment the copy you’re crafting with engaging media, such as exciting pictures, videos, or soundbites. Illustrating your copy with visuals brings it to life and shows your skills as a copywriting genius!

3. Long-Form Content 

Long-form content is not only a way to show off your skills as a copywriter and tell engaging stories, but it’s also a great way to pack content with keywords that will rank high in search engines and boost your productivity. 

4. Shoppable Posts

Shoppable posts are on the rise. Not only are they super easy and convenient for clients, but it’s also a proven way of driving sales to your business. Adding links and shoppable posts to your content will likely see your sales soar. 

5. Consistency

Displaying a level of consistency in your copy is key to being a successful copywriter. Ensuring you have a strong grasp on your brand’s tone of voice and applying this to all areas of your brand copy will help engage your clients and keep them coming back to your website. 

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