Why collaborative project management works.

17th March, 2023
Why collaborative project management works. featured image
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Author: PJ

Forbes recently ran an article that looked at the benefits of changing from a top-down approach to project management to an approach that is more collaborative and involves all team members. 

At Puddle, our project manager Mary is always on hand to make sure operations are running smoothly, organising team tasks and sorting out team calendars. Yet, the responsibility of managing teams doesn’t just lie to her!  She gives everyone at the team puddle visibility into project plans. This empowers the entire team to run more smoothly and projects to be executed successfully. 

Here is why giving everyone in the team visibility into the project plan is a great way to empower your team: 

  • Everyone knows who is doing what:

By ensuring everyone on a project has hands-on access, everyone can see who is responsible for different tasks, meaning team members know who to go to when there is an issue or question. 

At Puddle, we operate better when there is a collaboration between team members, so we like to make sure everyone knows who is doing what for each task. This means we know who to ask about what projects. 

  • Boosts engagement

Making sure your team works collaboratively boosts morale and engagement throughout teams and encourages better working relationships. With colleagues depending on them for work, it’ll likely mean employees are more engaged and committed. 

  • Empowerment

Project managers giving employees the trust to manage their own tasks and insight into the way tasks are run empowers them and gives them a sense of responsibility. 

  • Supports prioritisation

Project managers giving employees the opportunity to choose how they prioritise is often more effective. Providing more complete visibility into the whole project allows for effective task prioritisation. 

Puddle’s effective project management can help boost your productivity! Drop us an email at hello@puddle.agency to see how we can help!