How to Create an Effective FAQ Page

2nd April, 2024
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Author: Hannah

Most companies have an FAQ page on their website to answer common questions about their products and services. These pages serve as valuable resources for current and prospective customers, offering quick access to important information. What’s more, integrating keywords into FAQ content can improve search engine optimisation (SEO), enhancing your website’s visibility in search results. 

If you’re looking to create an effective FAQ page for your business, follow these tips below:

1. Choose the right questions. 

Your FAQ page should address the questions that keep popping up from customers about your products, services, and brand. Keep an eye out for recurring questions, and add them to your page when you notice them. 

Take the time to research and build an FAQ page that’s actually helpful, not just there for show. Get your team involved in jotting down common questions, or if you have help desk software, use that. Another trick is to simply Google your products, services, or company name and see what questions people are asking. 

Having a solid FAQ page has numerous benefits: it shows customers you’re listening, cuts down on time spent fielding customer questions, and is great for SEO!

2. Organise your FAQ page.

Figure out the best layout for your FAQ page. If it spans multiple pages, consider splitting it into categories and adding a user-friendly navigation bar. While it might be tempting to jazz up your FAQ page with fancy branding, remember its main job is to give information, so keeping things simple is key. 

On top of this, make sure the layout is mobile-friendly since many customers will be looking at the page on their phone or tablet. Keep the design clean and easy to read, with clear headings and concise answers. This way, customers can quickly find what they need without any unnecessary hassle. 

3. Monitor the FAQ page’s performance.

Once your page is up and running, customers should find it much easier to find solutions to common issues. Keep an eye on how many people are visiting the page and see if you notice a drop in the number of customers reaching out with the same questions via phone or email. If you use help desk software, analyse the data directly to gauge the page’s effectiveness. 

If you notice that the FAQ page isn’t receiving many visitors or if you’re still spending significant time addressing repetitive enquiries, consider potential improvements. Visual amendments, reorganisation, better signposting, or refining the wording could all help make the page more effective and user-friendly. 

4. Regularly update the content.  

Most importantly, regularly update the content of your FAQ page. While it might seem tempting to consider building an FAQ page a one-time task, this could lead to missed opportunities, both in terms of customer care and SEO.

As your business grows and changes, regularly updating the FAQs ensures you cover new questions and keep your content fresh for customers. Plus, keeping it up-to-date helps boost your visibility in online searches, making the information easier to find and keeping your brand front and centre. 

FAQ pages are invaluable resources, covering everything from product enquiries to troubleshooting tips to ensure customers feel supported and empowered. By providing quick and accurate answers to common questions, these pages deepen trust, credibility and loyalty. Plus, a well-maintained FAQ page can also give your website a boost in search rankings, making it a win-win for everyone involved. 

At Puddle Agency, we have a proven track record of creating efficient FAQ pages that not only improve search rankings but also boost customer engagement and reduce the workload of answering repetitive queries. 

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